Wednesday, May 13, 2009

charlie -47

After I saw Kevin Melon doing a bunch of Youngblood sketches I thought I would try one out too, heres Diehard


mellon said...

Nice. I like this costume idea a lot. I went with the "is there a man in there?" design, good to see you went total robot.

ryan cody said...

That's some Ash Wood inspired shit there. You an I would rock a Youngblood book.

charlieclark said...

@kevin, I forgot what diehard was about, its been a long time since I read Youngblood, but I always loved the characters, I loved dave johnsons run on super patriot and was thinking about a way to design diehard as a killing machine.

@cody, yeah I love wood, I love his robots, so simple and bad ass! we should send rob and email and ask him to give us Youngblood for an issue or two, or have some kids at the jam do a youngblood up