Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cody - 79 Ink Experiment

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One morning while I was at the Emerald City con I noticed a scrap of paper on the ground near my chair, it had some rough gestures drawn on it by artist Matthew Southworth. I thought about picking it up and inking them in, just for fun when another artist Stefano Gaudiano snatched it up and inked one in. I then took my turn and it was a fun little experiment and exercise in how we all see a final, inked piece of art. So I thought it would be neat for me to throw up a sketch like this and leave it out there for anyone to finish it however they like, add their own lighting, impose their own style, whatever. This is an example of how loosely I normally pencil and I'll be interested to see how other interpret it. For instance, I will probably make the forward fist a bit larger when I ink it. If anyone thinks this sounds interesting, I'd love to see your take on it and I would be happy to return the favor if it ends up being a recurring exercise.

Please post what tools you inked with as well, and feel free to pass this along to anyone you think may be interested.


Ungeheier said...

This reminds me of that idea I threw your way a few years ago after we first met.

By the way, I got married a month ago. =)

ryan cody said...

Congrats on getting hitched! I've gotten a few guys who have inked it so far and they look great!

Ungeheier said...

Thanks! Will you be posting them up at some point? Maybe give people a deadline of a week or something?

ryan cody said...

Yeah, I'll wait another day or so and then post them all.