Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Charles W. Clark - 027

Sorry for the delay went back to penciling on paper, and have been missing it.
I have been pretty busy over the last weeks, getting ready for a photo shot with My Bloody Valentine and etc. Ended up losing some hearing.
(Note this went on for 15 + mins, I didn't wear my recomended ear plugs.)

this is the finished shit that never went to print, I don't know why

The sketch

This one is a concept on something Grant and I are working on

I used reference here, trying to go back to learning again, I lost so much Exp.

Another costume concept (Grant and I project)

I was asked a while ago to do a cover for our weeky magazine, I rejected it, but did this concept in 10 mins.


Grant Alter said...

That is some weird shit. But well done weird shit.
You're fucked.

ryan cody said...

I like em all, but I really like the one with the kids.

charlieclark said...

whats weird? that I like to draw naked girls and not guys grant?

Grant Alter said...

No, the pregnant dinosaur.