Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cody - 012

Another character from The Hurricane Kids. Dr. Malcolm O'Donnel. He's the Jason Bourne/ Sherlock Holmes/MacGuyver/Eco-Terrorist of the bunch. He's also the brains of the group.


DJ Render said...

This is cool man. Good pose. Nice lighting. Mysterious background. My only crit is the character is shaded with a dark color and the background could benefit from a darker grey shadowing some odd bricks in the wall.

I can tell you are starting to take it up a level with your work. Each daily piece is more refined, precise and detailed. I like that.

ryan cody said...

Yeah, the solid black was more for a frame/design and I didn't take it into account when I laid colors on the character. It's just a quick character design shot, not meant for anything else. Thanks for the comment man.