Monday, May 08, 2006


New art + update - sorry for the delays.

For someone with umpteen blogs, I am the worst blogger. My creator owned series “Villains” should be in stores sometime this month, I have seen the first 2 issues and they look great. Issue #3 is being finished up right now and I’m working on issue #4 to be done hopefully in about a month. After Villains I plan to work on my sketchbook/Ronin comic for SDCC.

** On a side note, I’m still trying to raise money to attend my 2 cons this summer, so please, if you’re interested, pre-order The Ronin & The Island of Beralku, it’s $5 plus $1 s+h, and includes 24 pages of art and includes a free sketch, email me @ **

After I get back from San Diego I plan to dive headfirst into the initial Hurricane Kids mini-series which should see print the first half of 2007. This past weekend I participated in 2 signings for Free Comic Book Day. At Atomic Comics I was paired up with Daniel Way, Steve Dillon and Chris Giuarino. The crowds were pretty great overall, (mostly for Way and Dillon, they do the new Wolverine book for Marvel) and it was a great treat for me because I am a big fan of Preacher. I did a lot of sketches, turned some folks onto Villains and started early promotion of Hurricane Kids. The best sketch of the day was a little girl of about 4 who asked me to sketch her a cup. A cup with water in it. With a bendy straw. So I did and even dropped a little fairy in there for a bonus. She was great and the fans were very wonderful overall. The second store had very few people come by, which I expected as there was no big name talent to draw them in.

Later that night I wanted to go out to The Atomic Comics post FCBD dinner, mostly to have a pint with Mr. Dillon. The restaurant was about 45 minutes from my house. I drove all the way out there, got a call from my wife saying that boy #2 had to go to the ER because he hurt his back, so I flipped around drove back, never getting that pint. But overall it was a great day. Thanks to everyone who came by!